The price indicated below includes full conferences access, coffee breaks, lunches, welcome package and social event access.
The social event will take place in the historical location “De Hoorn” in Leuven.
About the location: ‘De Hoorn’ is first mentioned in documents dating back to 1366. In the 15th century, it had already turned into a sizable brewery. No wonder: the average citizen of Leuven drank a whopping 400 litres of beer a year. In 1717 the Artois family took over De Hoorn, and it has kept on expanding it ever since.

Registration fees


Until July 31, 2024

After August 1, 2024


Early bird 120 €

Standard fee 170 €


Early bird  290 €

Standard fee  385 €

EMS member

Early bird  230 €

Standard fee  300 €

General rules

  • Each participant may submit up to 2 abstracts:
    • 1 invited talk + 1 poster
    • 1 oral + 1 poster
    • 2 posters
  • The presenting author should attend the conference on site. Only abstracts from registered delegates who paid the registration fees in full will be considered for program planning and published.
    Deadline for abstract submission 15 May 2024

Submission guidelines

  • Language: All submitted material shall be written in English.
  • Preference: Choose oral presentation or poster session.
  • Topics: Please choose one of the 8 topics
    • 1. Focused e-beam induced processing (FEBIP)
    • 2. Electron beam lithography (EBL)
    • 3. Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL)
    • 4. Ion/atom beam lithography
    • 5. X-ray lithography
    • 6. Low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM)
    • 7. Low-voltage (scanning) electron microscopy (SEM)
    • 8. Photon / electron sensitive materials

  • Title of presentation: Please provide a title (maximum of 50 words) that clearly indicates the content of the contribution. Avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the abstract if they are defined when first used.
  • Main author: Name, email, affiliation (institution/company), city and country.
  • Co-authors: Name, email, affiliation, city and country.
  • Abstract: Please ensure that you follow the provided template.


  • There are no fees for submitting abstracts.
  • Abstracts will be made available to the participants in electronic form. The author is solely responsible for the ethical and scientific content of the submission.
  • The presenting author is expected to present the work in-person during the congress (oral or poster session). If this is not possible, the main author may delegate the presentation to one of the co-authors.

Event administration: JABCO NV
Telephone: +32 456 16 15 57
Bankrekening nummer: BE29 0689 5191 3264